MPGuino trip computer

MPGuino with blue LCD display
my name is Meelis and I have made some custom mpguinos (assembled mpguino kit) where buttons can be set in separate small board (default is buttons-on-top version) so you can flush install mpguino and put buttons somewhere else.
I have also made lots of code modifications. Right now I am offering my custom code only with my mpguino (flashed in ATMEGA chip). Some things are changed in schematic too.

What is mpguino?
MPGuino is a fuel gauge / fuel consumption meter / fuel economy computer / trip computer for fuel injected vehicles.
Lots of good information can be also found in MPGUINO WIKI

What gauges you get?
* 2 different trips, can reset them separately (current, tank)
* battery voltage, charging voltage when engine is running (V)
* engine revolutions (RPM)
* fuel consumption per hour (L/h or Ga/h)
* how far you can drive with remaining fuel (DTE - distance to empty)
* how many liters/gallons of fuel is consumed in current/tank trip (L or Ga)
* instant/current/tank trip mileage (fuel consumption) (L/100km or MPG)
* current/tank trip distance (km or mi)
* travel time in minutes (hh:mm)
* instant speed, current/tank trip average speed (km/h or mph)
* current trip cost (fuel price can be set in settings)
* current/tank trip fuel consumed in idle "wasted fuel" (L or Ga)
* current/tank trip EOC (engine off coast) distance, "free miles" (km or mi)
* mileage bargraph (every bar in graph is 2 min average fuel consumption - shorter bar means smaller consumption in metric mode, higher consumption in MPG mode)
* "400m DragRace", this screen measures quarter mile accelleration, trap speed, 100km/h accelleration in seconds, calculated horsepower.
* TODO: extra input pin, not used yet, reserved for coolant temperature sensor. 

Differences/extra features you get with my custom code/hardware:
* added metric version (must choose before code/firmware uploading, no change possible in settings)
* bargraphs (shows 2min average 3-11L/100km - dropped 0-3L to gain better resolution)
* battery voltage
* trip cost (in settings you enter fuel price)
* current trip does not reset automatically after 2min engine off. Manual reset like tank trip.
* tank trip time in hours.minutes, current trip time is now available too
* saving tank trip data to eeprom (dont forget it when disconnected)
* some values are shown in integers (speed, rpm)
* removed leading zeroes (instead "012.45" shows " 12.45")
* added dragrace screen (0-100km/h time, 400m time and trap speed, calculated horsepower)
* using Atmega chip sleep mode (consumes about 5milliAmps versus 20milliAmps when in sleep)    
* instant speed does not jump around - it means accurate speed and distance!
* small PCB so you can mount buttons separately (if buttons on top is not suitable)

Can I order mpguino with enclosure?
Check my enclosure in gallery made out of plywood. It takes time to make them but looks pretty good. Contact me if interested.
Price would be $12. Currently I dont have much time to make enclosures.

Dimensions (Width*Height*Depth): 80*36*25mm

Currently MPGuino has these screen options:
  1. Blue screen (Blue background, White text)
  2. Red screen (Black background, Red text)
  3. Green screen (Green background with yellow backlight, black text) 
  4. Without screen - if you want some other screen you can buy it separately (contact me then)

KIT: mpguino, display, socket with pins, button-boardWhat is included in mpguino kit?
  • MPGuino trip computer
  • LCD screen (when ordering with screen)
  • 4pin connector with pins (you need to crimp/solder pins to your wire) 4pin connector with 20cm wires - no need to crimp/solder tiny pins anymore!
  • small PCB for buttons if you want to put buttons somewhere else than on-top of mpguino. 

Buy now

Before purchase (when stock is 2 or less units) it would be good to send me e-mail - so I can answer you If I have that screen in stock. I am keeping stock status up-to-date and when date is not updated, then stock status has not changed.
my e-mail is:, my username in Ecomodder forum is meelis11

Current stock (27. july 2015):
mpguino with red screen: 5
mpguino with blue screen: 5+
mpguino with green screen: 5
mpguino without screen: 5+

Shipping and handling fee is $7.50 / 5.70EUR worldwide (same fee for 1-3 units). 
I can ship package in few days, up to 7 days if I dont have assembled mpguinos ready for shipping. When it is shipped then I will send an email with tracking code.
I am shipping them from Estonia and estimated delivery time is around 7-14 days after I have shipped it (based on shippings to Canada/USA/Australia), in europe it should take 7 days.

MPGuino trip computer (pay in USD)
MPGuino trip computer (pay in EUR)