I have a ....(put your car model here). Will it work on my car?

MPGuino uses raw VSS and injector signals. (Can work both OBD1 and OBD2 cars, but does not use these protocols)

So it should work if car has electronic fuel injection (it has ECU) and speedo signal is VSS pulses (not mechanical speedo). So should work most cars that are produced 1990 and later. Early 1990 cars may have carburated engine or mechanical speedo (you must check to be sure), starting from 1995-1996 should have no issues.

My car has carburated engine. Can I make it work on my car?

Mpguino needs injector signal to measure fuel consumption and VSS signal to measure speed and distance.

So out of the box, it does not work. I you dont have VSS pulses, then this is easier to make than injector pulses

Check this topic, maybe there are some solutions .



I have a ....(put your car model here). Will I be able to make the proper connections easily? How difficult installation is?

I cannot answer your installation question - every car is different and I dont know your electric skills. What is easy to one person, might be difficult to other.

It should be relatively easy if you know how to use multimeter - most time goes to actually find wires where to get injector and VSS signals. You should start by googling your car electric schematics or ECU location and pinout. You can get these two signals in ECU, other option is to get VSS from instrument cluster (odometer uses VSS) and injector signal under the hood near injector.

Can I buy it with enclosure?

I dont make them anymore (only made about 5 or so) because it is too time consuming to make them for others by hand. I dont have much time for this.

Good project for making yourself but not for others.

What are the big differences between MPGuino and ScanGauge?

Scangauge uses OBD2 protocol and it is plug and play, but it does not measure fuel consumption, it guesstimates fuel consumption relying other sensor readings. If some sensor has gone bad (example: lambda, airflow sensor, temperature, air pressure) then fuel reading is probably not accurate. If you make modifications to your engine or alter sensor readings, scangauge needs new calibration - its reading cannot be trusted then.

MPGuino on other hand measures fuel consumption directly from injector pulses so its reading should be more consistent even if you manipulate sensor readings etc.

MPGuino works almost all fuel injected cars (Scangauge relies OBD2 protocol that is used in cars since 1996) but it is not plug and play - you need to install 4 wires to your car wiring.